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For desktop users

1. On the homepage of Kaye Group Limited. The user will click on start now. 

2. A new page will open with the pricing and plans for face to face training or online mandatory training courses. Select online training courses if you want to do the online training. 

3. A new page will open but to complete the payment you will need to sign up. The new user will click on sign up if new or click on login if already have a login details. 

4. After user have made payment. You will then go back to homepage by clicking home. 

5. On the top right corner user can access profile details and course programs. Click on your profile and choose programs to access courses.

6. After completion of each course there will be an end of assessment test. user will have to get 80% to pass and a certificate will be sent to your email or you can download the certificate at ENDED after course completion. 

How To Use

Mobile Phone Users

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